Molletes de Poblano $50

Locally made bread topped with refried beans, roasted poblano peppers and manchego cheese. Served with pickled onion, chili de arbol and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Sliders $80

Artsanal puebla mole chicken served on top of a locally made bun, chipotle, sour cream and caramelized onions.

Gazpacho $80

A departure from the traditional Spanish Gazpacho, fusing either a base of cucumber or melon with freshly toasted cumin seeds and garlic

Ensalada de la Casa $80

House salad made with with seasonal fruits and vegetables from the local market.

Tacos de la Casa $100

Freshly seared cheese and chicken served on handmade tortillas with red cabbage sauteed in a whiskey reduction, pickled onions and house salsa.

Pupusas $100

Honduran handmade corn arepa stuffed with either sliced bacon or manchego cheese.


Smoothies $45

Coffee $40

Tea $40


*All prices are in Pesos