180 libre


25 June 2015 - 25 August 2015

Inspired by the beauty, generosity and history of the region, Renaud Charrin stepped foot on the Yucatan Peninsula and immediately immersed himself deep inside its culture, enjoying the traditions and weaving fraternal ties with its people.

This immersion takes form in 180 Libre, an exhibition developed within our premiere Artist-in-Residence program. Utilizing elements representative of the region, the exhibition is presented in three stages: towns, villages and people all of which are the central themes that unite the artist’s version of Yucatan.

180 Libre refers to the road that connects the entire state, but also speaks of freedom that one can witness in the region, as well as an invitation to venture through the exhibition freely, each at their own pace and direction.

About the artist

Renaud Charrin is a French-American artist who graduated from Parsons School of Design. Originally focusing on large-scale paintings in New York City, Charrin has entered a new phase in his career, which has begun with Fundacion de Artistas.